Our Mission

Marist College and IBM have combined their resources in the Marist/IBM Joint Study program. This program is focused on, among other things, the research and development of the OpenFlow networking standard.

Our goals include:
  • Developement of OpenFlow capable SDN applications
  • Research in the areas of scalability, reliability, and manageability
  • Testing and researching OpenFlow switches and devices from numerous vendors
  • Allowing students to work with a cutting edge technological development

Previous developments by the lab include Avior, the QoS module for Floodlight, and the Port Down Reconciliation module for Floodlight. Members from the lab have also attended prestigious conferences, such as TIP 2013 and Internet2 2013. Currently, our main project is a joint effort with ADVA Optical Networking, with the goal being to advance the OpenFlow standard's implementation in regards to optical networks.

To contact us, please visit our contact page.