Getting Started


Linux, Windows

  • java -jar <avior_file>.jar


  • java -jar -XstartOnFirstThread -d32 <avior_file>.jar

User Guide

Controller Overview

This is the welcoming screen for Avior. Here you will see some very basic information about the controller including the hostname, the JVM memory bloat, whether and controller is providing JSON data, and lastly the modules currently loaded.

Switch Overview

This is the detailed switch overview. Here you will find information about the switch pertaining to the hardware and firmware. Next you will have a table of the different ports and their associated traffic counters. Lastly you will see the various flows on that switch. Both dynamic and static flows are displayed here with the priority, match, action, packets, bytes, age, and timeout displayed. All of this updates in real time.

Device Overview

This is a very basic device overview of the network. Listed here are the various devices on the network, with information about the MAC address, the IP address, the attached switch DPID, the attached switch port, and the time it was last seen.

Flow Manager

The flow manager is a tool provided by Avior that is useful in making testing much easier for floodlight. You can view the static flows for each switch by selecting it, and then furthur investigate the values of each flow by clicking on their corresponding names. If you would like to make a new flow you simply click on 'New Flow', enter the name value, and then continue to add any other necessary features. To add actions to the flow, simply click on the actions row to bring up an action manager. Changing the match is just as simple. Once you have all the settings configured, hit 'Push' and error checking will be done automatically. If your flow is valid, it will be pushed and you will get a message as to whether or not the switch is holding that flow. Lastly, you can delete a single flow or delete all flows pertaining to a switch by clicking on the buttons up top.